Winter rates are as follows, October 27th to 28 February 2019.

One night @ €30

Two nights @ €55

Three nights and above @ €27.50 per night

or €165 per week.  (6 nights get the 7th free).

Monthly rate @ €500 per month (restrictions apply, must be paid up front and no money returned if you depart before the month is up).

Rates from March 1st – October 31st, 2019.

€38.50 per night or €231 per week (6 nights, 7th night is free).

No Monthly rates available.

All prices inclusive of local tourist taxes. 

 How it works…..

Before you arrive be sure to book your arrival time. We don’t have 24hour reception and we will schedule an appointment to meet you at the property which you will be staying in.

If you don’t how long you will be staying for then your booking will be indefinite and we will not book anyone in behind you, provided you agree to give us 24hrs notice of your intent to depart.  

When you arrive you will pre-pay a week’s (or if you are only staying a few nights) rent upfront plus a €50 cash deposit, which is returned to you upon completion of check out.

You can extend your stay by pre-paying any subsequent week – indefinitely.  

You will be refunded nights not used at the time of check out,

provided you give us 24hrs notice of your intent to check out before 10 am, the day before. 

Check out is 10 am, we have a 24 hours check out procedure (before 10 am the day before you leave). After 10 am your forfeit the following night.

For example –  you check in on a Monday,  and by Wednesday you’ve secured a job and need to leave on Friday,  you tell us before 10 am Thursday, and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (free anyway) is refunded at check out (plus your €50). If you inform us after 10 am and you are of course still free to leave, but you forfeit Friday night and only Saturday and Sunday (free night) are refunded, plus your €50.    

If you are going away to day work, take your belongings with you. Do not leave them in the room and expect not to be charged simply because you are not here. In this instance, it is best to check out or pay for your bed when you return.


What’s included in the price :  

All linen, towel, internet, kitchen and laundry facilities, and printing is included in the price, the advice is free!

If you are new to the industry, then we have averaged that it takes about a 2-3 week (minimum) stay to find work. We find that this is the case with most individuals who are determined, focus and super organized.  If you require another week then each guest should let us know a few days before their rent is due again.  

Airport transfers available upon request, We work with a car service that offers discounted rides to Yacht Crew. Just ask when making the booking. Please include all flight numbers, arrival date and time. 

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