Why Antibes?

We are located one street back from Port Vauban (Antibes) . Port Vauban is the largest yachting port in the Mediterranean, and The International Yacht club (home to Dozens of over 50 meter yachts, and frequently many 100 meter yachts). Antibes is the undisputed yachting Mecca for the Western Mediterranean and Hundreds of yachting based businesses are based here (including Most Crew recruitment agencies).  Antibes is also well connected to the other Cote D’Azur hotspots such as Monaco and Cannes.


How does the Crew Grapevine work?

We have designed this accommodation house to be completely flexible around the yacht crew industry.
When you check in we ask for one weeks rent plus a €50 deposit (which is returned to you upon completion of check out).  Our rate is calculated on a 6 night week, hence the 7th is free.  We have a 3 night minimum. You are not subject to paying the whole week if you do not stay with us after the 3 nights.  So lets say for example, you only stay 3 nights. Then we would refund you the remaining 3 nights, plus your deposit. If you need to stay on you will let us know on a week to week basis if you require another week, (no 3 night minimum after your first week) we ask you to give us your request a day or two before your rent is due again. When you get your job and need to leave simply let us know (24hr notice please) and leave, any unused nights are refunded. Check out is before 11.00 am.

How many crew stay at a time?

Each house is limited to 17 (Portside) or 18 (Seaside) which we have found to be the perfect number.  There are enough people around to ensure social momentum but not so many that everyone is a stranger.  In our Portside property there is a double room a triple share and 3 Quad share rooms. Our Seaside property has only triple share rooms.

I need a job?

Breaking into any new industry can be hard, Yachting is no exception. It is easier with The Crew Grapevine behind you.  From simple directions, to CV building, to career counseling we have done it all before and are on hand to help with whatever it takes to get you where you need to be. The Crew Grapevine has worked hard to create opportunities  for seasoned hands and newcomers alike and now many yachts recruit directly out of our house for their crewing needs.

What about daywork?

Whether gaining experience, or for extra money, we believe getting temp jobs and daywork is very important. Our Job board is filled daily with exciting daywork opportunities. A large percentage of all onboard positions are filled following on from daywork.  The Crew Grapevine has extensive industry contacts for daywork opportunities.

When I should I get there?

Long held wisdom has suggested the best time to get here is early April. Certainly the seasonal jobs tend to run from around April onwards.  However, Antibes gets very crowded in April and for every job going there may be thousands of people applying. The truth is that there are jobs (for the right candidates) available year round.  Frequently there are jobs available in winter when only one or two candidates are applying (much better odds!)

What are my chances really?

Nearly a thousand crew stay with us every year, and very, very few (less than 5 per year) leave disappointed, if you want it, its there to be had!  The only real question is… are you as committed as the next person?

I don’t want to share a room with some weirdo?

Yachting is very straight forward. Its full of cool, interesting people who do cool, interesting jobs. Weirdo‘s just don’t make the cut (crews are too close knit and crew cabins are just too small). No weirdo’s allowed! If any weirdo does get in then they are asked to leave.

I don’t want to share a room (or bathroom) with any members of the opposite sex?

No problem. We don’t want you to either. Most of our rooms are same sex rooms/ bathrooms. If you are particular about sharing… make sure you tell us of your preferences and we’ll sort it out.

I have been waitlisted for a place at The Crew Grapevine..what does this mean?

Our policy is that you get to stay as long as you need (even if you don’t know). This means that unlike a hotel we never know when people are checking out (usually until the last minute). This in turn, means that we don’t know if your place is available to you until someone leaves.   Frequently our bookings are not all confirmed yet, we require our guests to confirm one week before they arrive.  Because the recruitment culture among the yachts is very last minute,  guests check out at the last minute and some do not even show up.  We will immediately contact you and add you to our booking sheet. During busy months guests are often put on the waitlist or standby list. This means you may need to find a cheap hotel to stay for a night or two until your bed becomes free.

I need a quiet place to study?

Our PORTSIDE HOUSE has spare desks for your bedroom for moderate study purposes. If you are doing an intensive course and you really need to focus then Our SEASIDE HOUSE has a dedicated study library for students (year round). A place of calm and quiet with many helpful study resources at your fingertips. We also have rental apartments and studios also in the old town should you have need….. just let us know.

There a few of us coming would it be better to rent an apartment?

Yes and No, we have rental properties available throughout the old town – just ask. But our guests often find that they REALLY benefit from moving into the group atmosphere of The Crew Grapevine. Creating an instant network of others sharing the same experience can really make the difference.  Most guests find that they have created lasting friendships at The Crew Grapevine. There have been several Mariages to prove it!

Staying with us can also provide extra flexibility that rentals cannot.  No large deposits to come up with, no one leaving others with bills unpaid.  If you still want an apartment… let us organize it for you.  Just ask.

I need a receipt for my Visa application?

Yes, we can help with  pre paid receipts for inclusion in visa applications.   We have also found that this route towards a visa can generally result in a 3 month tourist visa, and we see many crew have problems with this visa once they get here… much better invest your time and money on the best visa right from the start… we can help ….see our visa page


Security has never been an issue at The Crew Grapevine. We have taken many precautions to avoid problems. Each guests has lockable storage in their rooms, and access to the property is by code lock thus limiting entry only to those currently residing in house.  There is a safe in each property if you should need.

  If you need to leave for a temporary job and need to store luggage then we have luggage storage available.  €1 per day per bag  (min €10).

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