Crew Grapevine offers maximum flexibility.  We believe you shouldn’t pay for nights you don’t use.    

 RATES ARE €38.50 per night or €231 per week (6 nights, 7th night is free), inclusive of tax. 

Winter rates are 1st November to 28 February €27/ night or €162/week.

 How it works…..

Before you arrive be sure to book your arrival time. We don’t have a typical reception desk.  

If you are booking for 3 nights, then on arrival you pay 3 nights up front and a €50 cash deposit, this is returned to you when you leave. 

If you don’t how long you will be staying for then your booking will be indefinite and we won’t book anyone in behind you, provided you agree to give us 24hrs notice of your intent to depart.  

When you arrive you will pre-pay a week’s rent up front plus a €50 cash deposit.

You can extend your stay by pre-paying any subsequent week – indefinitely.  

You will be refunded nights not used at the time of check out, provided you give us 24hrs notice of your intent to check out. 

Check out is 10 am,  so 24 hour check out notice (before 10 am the day before you leave). After 10 am your forfeit the following night.

For example –  you check in on a Monday,  and by Wednesday you’ve secured a job and need to leave on Friday,  you tell us before 10am on Thursday, and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (free anyway)  are refunded at check out (plus your €50). If you inform us after 10am and you are of course still free to leave, but you forfeit Friday night and only Saturday and Sunday ( free) are refunded plus your €50.    

Whats included in the price :  

All linen, internet, kitchen and laundry facilities, and printing is included in the price, the advice is free!

If you are new to the industry, then we have averaged that it takes about a 2-3 week (minimum) stay to find work. We find that this is the case with most individuals who are determined, focus and super organized.  If you require another week then each guest should let us know a few days before their rent is due again.  

Airport transfers available upon request, We work with a car service that offers discounted rides to Yacht Crew.

Luggage Storage :

We provide storage for our guests (at our Seaside location) for €1 per item per day, per item

(minimum charge €10), with a €50 deposit.

Storage must be paid for up front, a deposit must be left to cover your storage in case of unexpected changes in plans and abandoned stuff is disposed of after one month. We will not under any circumstances forward goods, they can only be reclaimed in person, during business hours.  Maximum storage period 3 months.

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